animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms communicator

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt a very strong connection with Nature and with all the living beings residing within it.

For over 25 years, I have been communicating with plants and crystals. It took me a while longer to realize or acknowledge that I could also communicate with animals in the same way. I then trained formally in animal communication with Anna Evans.

The ongoing evolution of mankind entails an ever-expanding awareness of the world surrounding it. Communicating with the other kingdoms forms an integral part of such expanded consciousness. Free from the limitations of the mind, heart wide open, it is possible to access a whole new universe. Every human being will reach this point naturally sooner or later.

As an adolescent with access to these kingdoms, I searched for answers to all the questions to which my perceptions gave rise, in books, on the internet. This was an important step for me as part of my own journey. However, such knowledge is not a prerequisite to communicating for the purpose of ascertaining what Felix thinks, what Buddy wants to say, why this little leprechaun is furious, why the rose bush is withering or the secrets held by a piece of crystal jewelry. Nonetheless, by sharing with you my approach to communicating with the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms, I hope to allow you to glimpse into a universe of which only 1% is seen or perceived. To discover more about the three kingdoms, please check the “Reference Materials” section.

Animal kingdom

Animal communication is a wonderful tool to facilitate the relationship between owners and their pets.

Above all, it gives the animals an opportunity to be heard.

Animals are like human beings. Some are very chatty, others not talkative at all; they may be distrustful, shy, funny or extremely serious. Some are full of themselves, others make fun of all and sundry, some have sworn enemies, others are a fountain of compassion. In each case, a strong love bond is created with the animal, because animal communication is a communication from heart to heart which allows no scope for anything other than the bare truth.

Communication with the Animal Kingdom allows:

  • A true exchange
  • A better understanding of the animal’s needs and personality
  • A clearer awareness of the emotional wounds carried by both the pet and the owner
  • A solution to any dysfunction in the relationship between the pet and the owner
  • Invaluable guidance and assistance in dealing with the end of the pet’s life
  • Communication with the animal after death.

Vegetal kingdom

Communicating with the vegetal kingdom opens up a whole array of possibilities for the creation of gardens, for gardening, for the energetic healing of the Earth, and for the discovery of the history of plants and trees.

Creating a garden may be approached in a brand new way, with full consideration for the wishes of the new plants and the full agreement of the existing ones.

It is also possible to liaise with the guardian of the site, a recommended step before any kind of intervention. For every site, there is a guardian on the subtle planes, and it is highly desirable to seek his approval before working on it. The guardian is an energetic entity who knows the entire history of the place. The entity may inhabit a tree or a rock or maybe a feature in the landscape such as a mound, a boulder. Its habitat is always strategically located within the site.

Mineral kingdom

The Mineral Kingdom is so very much alive, just like the other kingdoms. Although this may go against common belief, the fact is that minerals are sentient beings in that they hold a consciousness. Just like the Vegetal Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom is closely connected with Nature spirits and devas (spiritual beings of Nature responsible for giving form to that which the Divine has created).

An example of communication with the Mineral Kingdom might be a dialogue with the stone in a piece of jewelry: what does this piece of jewelry bring to the person wearing it? What are the requirements in terms of taking care of it? To what is it linked or connected?

The selection of a stone to be worn as jewelry may be made by reference to the astrological chart of the proposed owner: is the stone favorable or to be avoided based on the person’s chart?

Does the geode or any other stone in a house have the effect sought by the owner? Have they been placed at a proper spot?

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