Communication with a crystal, mineral or gem is made through the consciousness residing within the stone, as one would with the occupant of a dwelling. This consciousness does not reside within the crystal permanently; it comes and goes as it wishes. It is no different from the abode of a human or goblin or fairy or even of an animal: in each case, the occupant comes and goes as he pleases. Similarly, minerals may be inhabited by many different types of consciousness. They may come from any of the kingdoms and realms, even from different universes or dimensions. All kinds of entities may be involved: human or not; terrestrial or extra-terrestrial; Little People (gnomes, fairies, elves, etc.) or Nature spirits. Anything can be a support for such consciousness: a crystal, a precious gemstone, a stone in the forest, a salt crystal lamp….

The crystal serves as a portal to our world. The entity enters the Earth plane via the crystal. There are many reasons why a consciousness may elect to reside in a crystal: it may do so merely to observe what is going on in our universe, or it might be part of its training, or it may have a specific mission to accomplish on Earth. Some are masters or guides, sent to teach those of us humans who are able to communicate with them; others have come as part of their own evolutionary process; yet others have come to explore our universe and report back to the universe from which they originate.

The entity that has elected domicile in a crystal considers the crystal as its property, just like we do with our houses. They do not tolerate any intrusion by another consciousness into their stone. I remember being awaken one night by shouting and a huge kerfuffle amongst my crystals. A cheeky Nature spirit had taken advantage of the absence of the consciousness residing in a huge crystal to go in and take a look. I knew this cheeky entity well; he resides in a small stone of calcite and amethyst. He was extremely chatty and curious, always excited by whatever he would see. He had gone inside the huge crystal to take a look but he had been caught upon the unexpected return of the residing entity, alerted by some of my other crystals. The entity was beyond furious and I struggled to calm him down. The culprit was by now utterly terrified and it took a long time for him to get over the trauma. It turned out that he did not know the rules regarding stone occupancy. My other crystals refused categorically to be placed next to or near him – a general boycott that lasted for years! I had to promise them that he would be moved to another room completely. The poor entity thereafter kept a low profile and never again caused any trouble.

Not all stones are inhabited by a consciousness. Some stones do not have their own, individual consciousness. In such cases, they are merely related to the egregore* of the mineral and do not exceed that framework.

* The egregore is a psychic energy fed through the thoughts of a group of people sharing the same belief. For instance, what people believe regarding diamonds (their symbolic meaning, their worth, their properties, etc).

A crystal has a number of attributes by reference to the mineral category to which it belongs (emerald, quartz, moonstone, agate, etc.), to its physical structure (i.e. the various organized crystalline systems) and to its shape (bi-terminated, hexagonal, cube, octahedron, polished, rough, geode, sphere).

However, the energy of the crystal and what it radiates may be completely different from what would be expected based on its physical attributes, because of the type of consciousness inhabiting it.

This is why having information regarding the “occupant” of the crystal, whether we wear it as a piece of jewelry or have it in our home, is particularly interesting.

One of my friends recently showed me her labradorite pendant and told me that she considered it as a protector. When I connected with the labradorite, I discovered that it was in fact inhabited by an entity serving as the guardian of a sacred site near where my friend lived. This entity had a very specific mission and took this opportunity to give directions as to when my friend should wear her pendant. I also connected with my friend’s quartz ring and it gave clear instructions that it should not be worn when travelling.

Generally, the entity will state his or her name, which makes it easier to contact them. This name may be a “working” name, a name from its planet of origin or his or her real name. Everything is possible but in all cases, it is this name that will be used for contact purposes. This name should be known to the owner of the stone only. It should not be shared with others unless this is expressly permitted by the entity (which, in my experience, almost never happens).

A mineral in a shop will know how to catch the prospective buyer’s attention and get purchased. Most of the time, the buyer is not aware of this; he or she thinks that they were taken by the stone’s beauty. Similarly, when you are not the intended owner of a crystal, the crystal will find a way to put you off, for instance by cutting you when you hold it. Minerals also know how to become invisible when they so choose. It took me four years after moving to a new home to find two large crystals whom I had searched for in vain and called out to, with only silence for a response. Then, one day, they signaled their presence, and I found them in a box which I had opened and searched through countless times.

Crystals, whether within jewelry and within the home, all require careful cleaning adapted to the type of stone concerned. Is it a soft, brittle mineral? Has it been programmed? Does it require energetic cleansing? Is it affected by a traumatic experience? For example, I received one day a little blue angel quartz bought in the US, who was frightened by something happening during the shipping from United-states to France. A sensitive crystal cannot stand to go through a violent experience. All these factors should be taken into account.

Anyone may acquire pieces of crystal jewelry based on intuition. However, for maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to base the selection of the stone on the owner’s astrological chart. This will indicate which stones are favorable and which stones are to be avoided based on the position of the planets in the person’s chart.

The benefits of a communication with the Mineral Kingdom

  • Assist with the selection of a stone to address a specific trait or issue of the prospective owner (to have more strength, courage, patience, softness, for protection, to be shielded from and to repel negative energies).
  • Assist with the selection of a stone that is in alignment with the person’s current incarnation, based on a reading of his or her astrological chart.
  • Obtain information regarding the entity that may inhabit a stone or piece of jewelry: who is the entity; his or her name; his or her function, if he or she has one; how to respect his or her needs.
  • As regards jewelry, one can find out what the effects of the stone are and the circumstances in which it should or should not be worn. As regards crystals within the home, communication helps identify where they should be placed and why.
  • For crystal jewelry, communication will also provide information as to where the stone would like to be when it is not worn by its owner. I knew a person who had a magnificent pink quartz ring that I greatly admired but which she did not wear very often. Over time, the stone became increasingly lackluster, to the point that the owner (who did not communicate with stones) noticed it. When I communicated with the pink quartz, he told me that the ring was kept in a drawer when not worn, and that he couldn’t stand to be there. I told the owner to place the ring with a plant in a pot by the window. In no time, the pink quartz had regained his shine and radiance.
  • Help damaged stones (hospital for damaged stones): stones may suffer from trauma (due to improper use, malevolent programming, physical impact, being owned or worn by negative individuals); stones stored in an unfavorable environment, stones that have lost their life force or luster, etc. I can connect with the entity within the stone to discover the issue and attempt to heal the stone energetically.

Please note:

Crystals in a home are scattered across the property according to their own free will. They have no regard for decorative considerations. They choose a room adapted to their function. Sometimes, they also choose to be placed with other crystals with whom they have a special bond. In some cases, several crystals may have elected to come together onto the Earth plane. Many years ago, on a small shelf in a shop, I had spotted a smoky quartz point and a citrine, both of a fair size. I had to purchase both together as they did not want to be separated. They have since “lived” side by side in my home, as they had done in the shop before then.

In sum, when the purchase of a mineral is made in full consciousness, it entails a certain ethic and respect on the part of the owner. Too many people still see minerals only as decorative objects or, at best, as a source of vibration for their use and benefit. Yet minerals are living, sentient beings, just like plants and animals.