1) Preparation

As a first step, we have a telephone session during which we define your specific requirements: you may simply want to know how your pet feels or you may need answers to specific questions or there may be issues that need to be resolved, etc.

Next, you send me, via my website “”, a photograph of each of your pets with whom you want me to communicate:

  • The photograph must be of the animal alone (no humans, no other pet).
  • The photograph should preferably show the animal from head to toe; in the alternative, the photograph should show head and upper body.
  • To allow me to connect with the animal, it is essential that the pet be looking at the camera, not gazing in a different direction.

With the photograph, you send me a list of questions that you would like me to ask your pet, if you have any.

 2) The consultation

  • First, I record my intuitive perceptions regarding the animal.

  • Next, I listen to what the animal spontaneously wants to say

  • Finally, I ask the animal the questions that you have listed, in the event that the animal has not already answered them when expressing himself/herself freely.

3) The feedback

I record the notes that I made during the consultation and send you the audio file, which allows you to listen to it at your leisure and as many times as you wish.

In the event that the animal shared a piece of information that I feel should be conveyed in a particularly sensitive or tactful manner, I will call you to communicate it to you before sending you the audio file.



Animal Communication(s):

  •    1 animal       € 50.00



By PayPal: I will send you the link by email.

By cheque: please contact me for mailing address.

(Session will be scheduled within one week of cheque clearing)

By bank transfer: I will send you bank details by email.